The objectives of OCT as shown in the constitution are:

  • To open minds to the perspectives of others and to do things together
  • To journey together in Christian faith
  • To follow Christ in Ballynafeigh and to relate to the community
  • To help churches to grow and break down barriers
  • To reach people not connected to churches
  • To witness to the community and to discern the Christian response to what happens in the wider world and the local community
  • To encourage meetings and relationships between members of the congregations involved in OCT
  • To get to know the community and find out what we can offer to serve our neighbour
  • To ask questions of the churches and support people growing in faith
  • To improve publicity of events happening in the churches
  • To harness the energy of young people in the work of OCT
  • To support and foster events and organisations that enable people to work together, to meet and to build relationships
  • To support and foster any activity which is in accordance with the objectives of OCT